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Welcome to Cathedral Community School

We give you the warmest welcome and invite you to learn more about the Cathedral Community School.

Our school is open for children from Pre-kindergarden up to 10th grade, increasing a grade each year until 12th grade. Here at Cathedral, students can enjoy recreational, artistic, sporting, academic and social experiences that are the fundamental basis for the development of our children and adolescents.

We care about generating social and environmental awareness in our students, which is why we have implemented the Color of Hope social project that aims to support low income schools and focuses on other charitable groups with limited resources in our community. This year we started an international environmental education program, Eco-Schools, in order to have a positive impact in society by incorporating children, parents, teachers and local authorities into action for environmental protection. One of the most popular events held at the school is supporting Eco Schools. Is the Exploratorium and Newseum, where students explore and take a stand on an environmental issue affecting the global community. The Exploratorium is based on the United Nations’ World Environment Day with a different theme every year, at CCMS it is commemorated with an international digital exposition produced by the students themselves in April.

CCMS, is committed to academic excellence, so we have designed an innovative, modern and technology oriented curriculum. An annual, multi-media Technology Fair of student digital creations culminates the program of digital literacy implemented in 7th grade and above throughout the year. If you want to know more about our educational proposal we invite you to visit us, it is the best way to learn about our programs, facilities, faculty and academic team.

Delores Sánchez, M.G.E
Executive Director


Legendary Musical Composer Rafael Solano Visits CCMS

abril 3, 2017
Cathedral Community School was honored to have the highly esteemed  Maestro  Rafael Solano Sánchez, a famous Dominican  composer and musician...
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Parent Education Night Liza Rivas

abril 3, 2017
Parent Education Nights Open to the Santo Domingo Parent Community Parent coach and child psychologist, Liza Rivas,  well-known to parents...
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abril 3, 2017
CCMS students  from 3rd to 10th grade, inspired by the innovative NEWSEUM headquartered in Washington, D.C. created their own interactive...
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100 Days of School 2017

abril 3, 2017
Cathedral Community School Celebrates the 100th Day of School on February 10th The 100th day of school is literally the...
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