After School Program

Cathedral Community School has curriculum that sustains the premise that a student’s education extends beyond the classroom. The school provides an ideal environment in which students can discover their strengths, abilities, talents and passions.

Our After School program is offered to all members of the school community and to others interested in it. The activities and classes offered by the school are varied, considering age and experience of students. Students and school staff find each other interacting in other dimension, working outdoors and playing together.

We offer:

⦁ Homework Station
⦁ ESL Program
⦁ Taekwondo
⦁ Sports Clubeagles-1-transparente
⦁ Drama Club
⦁ Art Club
⦁ Robotics
⦁ School Choir
⦁ First Communion Preparation
⦁ Cheerleading Team
⦁ Special Expeditions
⦁ Workshops

If your child’s learning is important to you, it is to us!