Elementary School

The primary or lower elementary years at Cathedral Community School involve pre-school through 3rd grade. It is in the early stages of development when children are more available to learn in a meaningful, risk-free environment where learning takes place through hands-on, sensory and direct experiences that aim for the best academic and personal achievement.

Our pre-kinder to 3rd grade  curriculum is child -centered, since students of this age are naturally curious and often learn about the world around them through experimentation. Based on the balanced approach to language development,  where the literacy develops through phonological awareness, reciting chants and poems, singing songs, and dramatizing.   Our children are engaged in thematic units based on stories and children’s books related to the skills and content to be learned.  Our early  childhood education teachers are specially trained in this balanced  approach to the development of  reading/writing process. We combine the best of the Creative Curriculum, Handwriting without Tears, Orton-Gillingham Multi Sensory Approach and the Lindamood-Bell program.   Other areas of development such as, science and social studies are also integrated into our daily schedule in a relevant and concrete method. Math is taught using the applied mathematics approach based on the Singapore math method, whereby mathematics first must make sense to students, and their understanding is based on the relationship of math operations to real world problems.
The upper elementary grades are 4th-6th grade. Their exposure to more independent and abstract learning begins, in the context of real world situations and experiences to keep their learning relevant and meaningful. They become progressively more responsible for their own learning and experience a variety of approaches, such as the flipped classroom, cooperative learning, project-based learning, and technology based products to demonstrate their performance and competence in an authentic manner.
Our elementary students are totally immersed in English- they receive instruction in reading, writing, math, science and social studies from their English-based  homeroom teacher. Lengua Española and Sociales are taught by specialized teachers who come into their homeroom. Our elementary students also attend special subjects , in either or English and Spanish such as:  music, art, P.E..  Technology through the implementation of the Ipad classroom is integrated throughout the curriculum and students regularly use technology to gain content, practice skills, and produce original work in English.  In Spanish-based classes, technology is integrated in Spanish as well.