Frequently Asked Questions

Related to Administratives Procedures

Is all the information of the School in the website?

In our page you can find almost all the information about the school method and the School Project in general. If after visiting this page, you have a specific question, please contact us either by phone or via e-mail

When could I make a reservation for admission to school?

There is a period of reservation, it begins in February and ends when the quota is filled

Can I make my reservation without having submitted the admission examination?

Yes. To reserve you must pay 50% of the registration cost, and the other 50% over a period of 72 hours after admission has been confirmed.

Wich are the payment options of the school?

There are 3 forms of payment for the entire School period: A single payment (Total payment of tuition); two payments and monthly payments.

About Academic Processes

How are the academic standards of the school?

Our graduates witness our high academic performance. Most of them are continuing their studies in the most prestigious universities in our country and other places. It is also noticed in our students of Elementary, Middle and High School. Training in Values and Academic Excellence are our main goals.

What is the level of English in the school?

The student formed in Cathedral School acquires a high level of English, showing exceptional knowledge in a short period. Our major subjects are taught in English.

Do sports have any importance for Cathedral School?

Sports are very important to the comprehensive education of students. It promotes the participation of all students in an atmosphere of healthy competition and development of collective and personal qualities that derive from the practice of the same.