Middle School

Cathedral Community Middle School comprises the first 3 years of the secondary program: grades 7 through 9.  It offers students an engaging academic climate of acceptance, understanding and respect in which they will have the opportunity to become thoughtful and caring members of the society. Social, intellectual and physical needs of students change rapidly and dramatically during middle school. Our program is designed to meet students’ unique needs and development, making good use of their growing individuality and uniqueness. It carries on the focus on self-direction and independent responsibility from the upper elementary grades and provides the preparation that our students need to be ready for the challenges of high school.

Cathedral community is committed to provide an education that promotes students’ responsibility, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Students study English language arts, Spanish, a foreign language, social studies, science, and mathematics, visual and or performing arts, technology and physical education.

Students will have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and become lifelong learners as they discover their strengths through innovative and challenging instructional programs.  Continuously updated technological resources are introduced within an enriched dual language learning environment at all times.