Who We Are

Cathedral Community School is a private, co-ed,  non-sectarian school, based on an International English inmersion curriculum with a high academic standards,  ethical and moral values, centered on universal principles and and beliefs.

Our academic program is designed to provide a  developmentally appropriate, yet challenging and creative a learning process for our students. We have 3 academic levels, each headed by a principal: Elementary, Middle and High School.

It is organized into basic and upper grade levels: pre-school to third grade is the first stage of basic education, and  fourth through sixth grade is the second stage of basic education.  Upper education is divided into the first stage comprising 7th to 9th grades, and the second stage comprises 10th through 12th grade. All students are required to take the National Test at the end of 12th grade ( Pruebas Nacionales).

Our programs are developed within an educational framework aimed at achieving specific goals. It also stimulates growth and the comprehensive development of the students in an environment given in a constantly changing society.